There is not doubt, parents and caregivers play a huge role in how a child develop their speech and language skills. Studies show children have better grammar and larger vocabularies when they were spoken and read too often, when they were toddlers. 

It doesn’t take much to nurture your child’s speech and language development, the benefits can be life changing. 


It is easy to think your child doesn’t understand or take your routine for granted. But it is important to talk to your child. Start by narrating the day, it is time to eat breakfast, time to get dressed, put on your shirt, socks and shoes. When you walk outside, ask your child about the temperature, how does the warm sun feel? 


Reading to your child can be a game changer. Some experts say, the amount if time a parent spend reading to their child can determine their future reading and learning success. 

Start with simple picture books and gradually transition to longer stories as they get older. Attending in person or even on-line story times at bookstores or libraries can develop a love for reading. 


We all love listening to music. Lively songs can teach about movement and the rhythm of language. Such as the “The Hokey Pokey” and “Old McDonald Had A Farm”

Tell stories

Make up fun and exciting stories that fit your child’s interest. Tap in on your imagination, elaborate on the characters, adventure, and of course a happy ending. 

Let your child take the lead

If your toddler seems intrigued by a story, picture, or toy, talk about them in more depth. Take the time to interact and ask questions. If they seem interested in dogs, make a point to look for them at the park or while you are out. Go to the library and get books about dogs. The Orange County Library will deliver books for free to your home! 

When we equip a child with the skills, knowledge, and confidence, they will grow up to be the best they can be

Children develop at different rates, but if your child isn’t meeting their speech or language milestone, it’s important to get it check out, early intervention makes all the difference. At First Words Speech Therapy we are dedicated to meeting your child’s speech and language disorder with personalized care.