Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects many children in Central Florida. Difficulty focusing and excitability are typically expected, but what about stuttering?

The latest research suggests a link between ADHD and stuttering. Revealing that 50% of participants who had stuttering issues also had ADHD. 

“Despite popular beliefs, emotional problems and parenting style do not cause stuttering. However, coping with stuttering can result in significant emotional reactions and avoidance behavior. Specifically, emotional reactivity/regulation and behavioral disinhibition have been found to be associated with stuttering and may affect the child’s ability to cope with disfluencies,” ASHA.

Stuttering is a speech impediment where speech is broken, the communication flow is disrupted. Including prolongations (proooooolongations), repetitions (re-re-re-peti-tions), and abnormal stoppages (silence). 

Stuttering can make a child very self-conscious and disrupt their school and social life.

ADHD is a neurodevelopment disorder with characteristics that include impulse behavior, hyperactivity, and hindered attention span. Children with ADHD often talk excessively without listening, fidgeting, and display signs of aggression. 

The ADHD Brain and Stuttering

While ADHD is usually diagnosed by doctors by symptoms, it has physical signs in the brain. For those who have ADHD, the structures in the frontal lobe are smaller, including the hippocampus, thalamus, and the amygdala. This helps regulate emotional regulation, concentration, impulse control, and socialization. 

Researchers recently found functional disturbances in the frontal lobe of ADHD participants, call the Broca’s area. 

Stuttering occurs when the blood flow to the Broca’s area is reduced. Causing stuttering, poor articulation, and speech issues with children with ADHD.

If your child suffers from stuttering or some type of speech-language disorder, you are not alone. Speech difficulties can significantly affect their life. 

At First Words Speech Therapy we offer specialized therapy programs that can help. Designed to significantly reduce stuttering, improve socialization and learning, as well as the overall quality of life for your child.